Wednesday, August 4, 2010

30 days of Star Wars or The Memepire Strikes Back

Day 4: Your Favorite Moment to Mock

I don't know why this problem didn't plague the original trilogy, but there seems to have been a great deal of trouble getting the wigs and beards right in the prequals. The back and forth between Ewan McGregor's real hair and wig in the Phantom Menace is maddening to me. Then we jump to the back and forth between Ewan's real facial hair and fake beard in Attack of the Clones. Finally, Revenge of the Sith comes along and Ewan is vindicated. But lo, what's that? It's Hayden Christensen's wig!

Now that's good looking wig!

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  1. And then when Luke's missing hand keeps switching arms... ARHHHH!