Friday, January 8, 2010

And The Bad Weather Gets Bad Weatherier

Stuck inside today. It snowed almost all last night and most of the day. The roads were in decent shape, but it's cold as all get out. So I spent the day inside watching some DVDs, chatting with the wife, trying out some new recipes, and working on new art.

Here is a shot through the wreath hanging on our kitchen window. Note the Soviet Russia era housing and bleak skyscape. I seriously made it as far as our mailbox just off of the porch and that was enough for me.

I enjoy snow. I really do, but having moved to Pittsburgh from Tucson this past August has me trying to remember if it always snowed this much in this part of the country. I mean, am I remembering it wrong? It usually waited until February to really hit us back in college.

Like I mentioned, I spent part of the day trying out some new recipes. Jamie recently purchased some vegan recipes from pitseel on etsy. If you get the chance check out her shop on etsy, please do.

One of the recipes was a for basic seitan. If you've not heard of it before, seitan (pronounced satan) is a meat-like substance used in dishes to replace actual meat. It's made from wheat gluten and is very versatile as a meat substitute. Seitan is very popular with vegetarians and the health conscious.

Anyway, I am always finding things that are shaped like US states. It's just something I do. I look at things like tortilla chips and see the shape of a state hiding in plain sight.

Here I have a photo of some of the seitan I made. I chopped it up and lightly fried it for use on a barbecue sandwich. After I flipped the pieces I realized that I had a little Ohio on my hands. Can you see the shape of the state of Ohio in the picture above?

That little Ohio went on to be delicious...unlike the actual state.

Finally, I snapped this picture from my bathroom window. Here you can see my neighbor's foundation and some gardening implements.

These things have been in the exact same position since we moved in in August. I am thinking of taking the same photo every so often to document the status of these forgotten orphans.

Until next time.


  1. hey, my little corner of Ohio is delicious! However I am just a bridge away from WV.

    Maybe when I visit sometime you all can make me some of that seitan :)

  2. Sounds like a plan, Nicole! Hope we can meet up soon.

  3. What? No love for the Vermont seitan just south of Ohio? :) Is it because it is upside-down?

  4. It'll be a cold, cold day before I recognize the state of Missouri!